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July 6, 2013

Presbyterian Church, Lead
Our last day in the northern hills....  We passed the Presbyterian Church in Lead, where Mom and Dad were married.  Then drove to Deadwood to see the cemeterywhere Wild Bill Hickock, Calamity Jane, and other characters were buried.  Strange place for a pilgrimage,
View of Lead from Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Deadwood
but it's on the list of places to visit in the area--the place was crowded, and trinkets were laid at the base of Bill's grave.  Local consensus is that Calamity Jane never was intimately involved with Wild Bill, but she did ask to be buried beside him, and her request was granted!  While viewing the grave markers, Dad realized that Wild Bill was born the same year as his grandfather, William Royal Vasey!

former Wagoner Hotel
We spent some time in the Adams museum.  A building across the street from there used to be theWagoner Hotel and restaurant.  Mom said she would come there with her parents on Sunday nights for supper.  She would always have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a cherry milkshake!

Harleys at Cheyenne Crossing
Another classmate from Belle Fouche wanted to join the party, so they planned lunch at Cheyenne Crossing.  Dad and I ate pasties at the cabin and went down to the Crossing to take pictures of the group an hour after their planned meeting time. We laughed as we arrived at the Crossing and found it packed with motorcycles!  Our hungry 80-year-olds were still waiting for a table under the tents outside the restaurant.
Skip, Jack, Char, Lottie, Jodi, ....
 As they snacked on cheese crackers, I rounded them up for an official reunion photo.
They were seated a short time later, with most ordering the famous Indian taco, and Dad and I splitting some apple pie ala mode.  A 63 year class reunion is a lot like a 40 year class reunion.  Everyone talks about how they don't feel as old as they are.  They want to know what your extended family is up to.  Those not in attendance are asked about, and there's a lot of, "do you remember when we did..." It was fun to be a part of it from an outsiders point of view.  And isn't it great to maintain the relationships!

The late afternoon lunch gave us just enough time for a drive to Hanna Creek, where our family camped when I was about 8.  What a beautiful little place.  We stopped for a Coke at the Lead Country Club, where Mom said she never played golf, but she went along to spend time with her dad as he played almost every other weekend.
Hanna Creek
With Jodi's family and her sister and husband, who live in Lead, we went back to Deadwood for sandwiches at Diamond Lil's, surrounded by costumes and memorabilia from Kevin Costner's movies.  I must watch Dances with Wolves when I get home.  Parts of it were filmed in Spearfish Canyon.  As we left the restaurant, I bumped into people from my home in Imperial, NE!
Lead Country Club

wild roses at Hanna Creek

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