Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 10--Iowa to Nebraska.

I didn't really get all
these! But I can't wait
to retrieve my dishes.
After washing and cleaning out the RV, we returned our home away from home to it's home in Polk City, IA.  It was after dark and, of course, we were in a hurry to get things done.  Keith and Janet were driving on to Overland Park before they could rest.  When we talked the next day, I found that my FiestaWare had gotten transferred to the wrong car and was in Kansas!  Keith's family is holding it for ransom.  They want me to visit their new home.  Mom, Dad and I drove as far as Stuart, Iowa where we fell, exhausted, into bed at a Super 8, and were on the road again by 8:30 Thursday.

Grandpa Bobby, Lucas Bauerle, Grandma Skippy
in front of the Military Science building, UNL

Timing was perfect, as we arrived in Lincoln, NE just after my son, Lucas, got out of class and had a couple of hours free.  Thursdays are special because it's the only day of the week that ROTC cadets wear their uniforms on campus, and Lucas was dashing in his new ABUs.  He gave the grandparents a tour of the Military Science building, then walked them through campus and into town for lunch at Panera.  Meanwhile, I checked on daughter, Megan, also a UNL student.  She's been sick, so we did not want to expose everyone to her virus.  I was able to take her to a doctor appointment while Mom and Dad got a tour of the Noyes Art Gallery, where some of my art is shown.  They did get to give the granddaughter a hello from a distance before we continued our trip west.  

The 80 and 82 year old Vasey brothers
Along the way, Dad let me know he wanted to drive from Kearney.  He did not need the Garmin to find his turn to the home where he grew up.  We arrived about 5:30, and weren't there 2 minutes before Dad and his brother, Bill, were heading out to ride the combine...with the cutest, goofy little-kid smiles on their faces!  Uncle Bill had gotten back from heart surgery in Kearney only 3 hours before this!  They were in such a hurry to sneak out that I only got one photo--sorry it's a bit blurry!

My cousin, Nancy and her husband, Chris Henry are living in Dad's childhood home and run the Vasey farm, from whence this trip began.  Chris graciously interrupted his busy harvest to give each of my parents a ride through the cornfield and introduce them to the wonders of a modern John Deere combine.  After this treat, we enjoyed a great vegetable soup and cornbread prepared by Nancy, the gourmet catering cook.

What a perfect trip!  We are grateful for success in our mission, for safe roads and vehicles, good weather, decent health, and family...for the foresight and courage of those who came before us, and the propitious circumstances that allowed us this opportunity.  Blessings.

An unexpected treat...riding in the combine with Chris

Chris and Nancy Henry...outstanding in their field!

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