Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Here We Go!

It's 7am in Dawson County, Nebraska.  We are in the house where my father grew up, four miles east of Cozad--right on the Lincoln Highway (Old U.S. Highway 30).  There used to be a concrete marker on the corner of the property...the classic red and blue LH label that was placed all along the route in 1930.  The Lincoln Highway was the first transcontinental auto road, originally completed in 1913.    My cousin, Nancy lives in the old family house.  Nancy's husband, Chris Henry, farms the home place (and other lands).  Harvest is in full swing.

We spent the night here...a more than comfortable bed and breakfast!  Nancy has prepared Baked French Toast (a pinterest recipe!) with fruit, bacon and coffee. Aunt Mary Jane is enjoying it with us.

Mom's wish for her 80th birthday was to visit Lyons, New York where her parents are buried and the Ewald family lineage is based, after their emigration from Germany.  The thought of driving there came up, and we realized that Dad had "always wanted" to drive the Lincoln Highway to the east.  So here we go!

Grandpa Ewald's father died when Grandpa was 11.  Mom thinks her dad graduated from high school in Lyons and she wants to search out whatever family history is there.  Grandma Ewald was born in Volney township, north of Fulton, NY.  More history to follow.

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